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meet morné wheeler

Morné is a well-known professional Psychic reader and rare Spiritual healer based in South Africa. 

He is much more than your typical fortune teller; he uses his unique psychic gift as a medium, to provide you with deep transformational insights that you truly need to see and experience to believe.

What I Do

Psychic Counselor and Medium

In-person Psychic Readings on life issues, family issues, health, relationships, career,… and much more! Readings are available for individuals and family members.

Energy and spiritual healing

Together we create an amazing space where miracles happen. Most people who come to me for help and/or healing have experienced profound, irreversible change and feel their lives have improved dramatically for the better.

Structure cleansing

The basic premise of a structure cleansing is very simple. When there is an unwanted spiritual presence or curse on a home, office, church, piece of land or other place it needs to be removed. A spiritual house cleansing, when done correctly, breaks curses and removes any entities.

Meditation training

Meditation is a mental training practice that involves focusing your mind on your experiences (like your own emotions, thoughts, and sensations) in the present moment.


What My Clients Say

psychic medium spiritual energy healer
One of the best decisions made was to have Morné cleanse our house. Truly blessed and thankful for the help as well as guidance!!!!
Melinda Jordaan
Satisfied Client
psychic medium spiritual energy healer
Morné does his readings with calmness and ease. I found his knowings of my personal challenges profound as he mastered them without me intervening in any way. Accurate and truly interested in you as a human who shares much guidance and theory about your challenging situations-which we all have. Since my reading with Morné I have been able to see my world through a different lense. Be blessed Morné. The world needs more of you xxx
Michelle Strydom
Satisfied Client
psychic medium spiritual energy healer
I have been going to Morné for and spirtual counsel, healing and readings since 2015. He does not beat around the bush and always tells things as they are! His readings are on point and information is always clear and direct. Really a true clairvoyant!
Psychic Medium Gerda Testimonial
Wilma Coetzer
Satisfied Client
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