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Morné is a well-known professional Psychic reader and rare spiritual healer based in South Africa.

He is much more than your typical fortune teller; he uses his unique psychic gift as a medium, to provide you with deep transformational insights that you truly need to see and experience to believe.

Morné occasionally uses tarot cards just as a guide, but prefers to determine information through the use of heightened perception or by extending the natural human senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and ones instincts.

He starts with an overview as the months unfold followed by guidance from a lot of problematic questions which become solved with clarity including crossover, mainly messages of love and guidance from the other side.

Problems that are commonly discussed when Morné does readings are:

    • Business – Ensuring that you are on the right path, any creativity creating loss of business, overseeing clients or staff.  
    • Love – Guidance on the biggest decisions of your life. Are you progressing in your existing marriage or relationship? Causes of problems & future love.
    • Future Growth – Are you stagnant in your career? Do you need direction?
    • Relationships – Have you lost touch? Are you struggling with a current situation?
    • Crossover – Do you have unfinished business? Do you need to know truth? Are your loved ones at peace? Do you need closure?


Morné offers readings to the elite from all over the world, TV celebrities along with individuals from all walks of life, both in person and via Skype.

Structural Cleansing of Offices, Factories, Houses or Shops.

Morné travels to premises to remove any dense negativity, anger, earthbound spirits, curses and poltergeist who have unfinished business on this earth. As a result angry spirits  can cause loss of business, havoc in relationships as well as physical damage i.e. lashing, strangulation, pressing on their chest, physically seeing deceased person roaming around the property, noticing shadows or a presence, a feeling that you are not alone on your property, sickness. He uses vibrational healing to transcend the various types of spirits to the other side, sometimes working on the actual premises from 1 to 10 days.

Your new future can start today! I may help you to see your circumstance through spiritual and karmic perspective, and also help you in solving your problem. Do you have any questions about your future and you don’t know who to ask or what to do? 

I can advise or assist you in any situation regarding your life with the help of my psychic abilities through readings, and spiritual guidance & healing that will help you have a balanced and enjoyable life.

My Mission

a loving & magical world

In its simplest form, I see my mission as “delivering psychic insights and answers that enable me to tap into the abundance of the Universe, whether for love or money.”  

In a nutshell my goal is to help you see what it is you are creating now, so you can adjust your course. My intention is to uplift and empower your life, thus I have defined a dual mission for my business:

To lead you back to your loving self – and your personal power – to help clarify your purpose, goals, and identify the inner work necessary for joy, love, prosperity and wisdom to enter both your career personal life, 

To advocate for a loving, magical world by presenting uplifting, holistic insights and guidance through professional psychic, spiritual advice, and counseling.

Code of ethics

A Word about my Profession

Interest in the “reading arts” has risen dramatically in the last decade. More and more people are sharing their beliefs in all extraordinary and supposedly  supernatural, paranormal phenomena, including angels, spirit guides, psychics, astrology, dream work, alternative forms of healing, spiritual consciousness, and even UFO’s. Our profession is growing. Now we are also attracting some exceptional minds to the study of various metaphysical subjects and divining techniques. It’s an evolution and it’s about time!

This is a very interesting profession! Psychics, astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, palmists and many more are working in a field that is completely unregulated and prone to a wide variety of “scams.” Our work is generally not accepted as valid by the world of the “establishment” and society in general. This presents us with a fascinating challenge…

Since there are no boards or associations regulating this work, it is up to the individual practitioner to develop and maintain their own code of ethics and responsibilities.

Therefore, I felt it was my responsibility to establish and make a visible Code of Ethics:

  • To honor every individual’s free will and their personal right to choose their own path.
  • I seek to uplift and empower those who cross my path.
  • I avoid any judgment.
  • I act as the conduit for the communication between the client’s own “higher self” and ordinary self.
  • I say what I sense, to the best of my ability.
  • I am a keeper of secrets. I honor my clients’ rights to privacy and will release no information about my clients’ transactions with me.
Operating Principles

working with morné

You Get a Committed Messenger

Psychics, simply put, are messengers – we don’t create your life, we have no power to do anything about it – we simply read the probabilities based on the choices you have made and the energy already set into motion and then we allow for a view on the possible outcomes. Any changes come from you, the individual. We do not hold any power over your life – we are quite simply, the messengers.

You Get Honesty

You also have my commitment to honesty – you will not hear just what you want to hear, but what is truly there.

But please don’t shoot the messenger! I take my role as messenger very seriously, so I am honest about what I see. Sometimes you may not like the answers you get, but you will always be treated with great care and loving respect and you will usually be given some good ideas around how to change a difficult situation.

With me you can feel safe as a valued and honored client in my care.

Choose me for answers…

…and how they help you make better decisions.

People choose my services for some very simple reasons.

I offer answers, answers, and more answers. Answers that enable you to make better decisions. I deliver those messages from your soul, from your Higher Self that will help you to live the life you want.

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